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RIP Vangelis

Started by ranyart, May 20, 2022, 01:11 PM

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Some of you might know Vangelis for his movie soundtracks like Chariots Of Fire and Blade Runner, others might know him from his music that was used in Carl Sagan's Cosmos TV series.  But for me Vangelis' work with Jon Anderson from Yes is the work that stands above the rest.  I am a big prog-rock fan and Yes is one of my favorites (come on MMJ how about a nice cover of Starship Trooper!).  The three albums Jon & Vangelis did together are all good fun but their masterpiece is the song State Of Independence which has been covered by a bunch of folks including Donna Summer and a cast of all stars including Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie which led to the song We Are The World.  Enjoy!

And here's the original recording in case you're interested...

RIP Vangelis and peace and love to his family, friends, and other fans.

P.S. FU Covid-19 seriously enough is enough...