Soundboard Official Downloads of shows (besides what's on Nugs)

Started by Clarkwork, Jul 14, 2022, 05:38 PM

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Would be awesome if the guys pulled a Pearl Jam and offered bootleg downloads of all the shows they have recorded all these years.

I'm wanting to re live all the great past shows
If you don't know for yourself, how could you ever know for me....


It would be cool, but for reasons why they don't do it that way, check out the July 13 Kyle Meredith podcast.  He has Jim and Patrick discussing some cool stuff (making Louisville weekend shows an annual festival thing) and the live volume series.  Basically the band wants the fans to have top notch and mixed sound that are from special performances and not just board recordings from everything. 


I can understand the band wanting to control their product as much as possible and only put out top notch recordings.  But we really enjoy hearing good recordings of shows we were at plan and simple, and I'm perfectly fine listening to high quality audience recordings (as long as they aren't filled with crowd noise).  Unfortunately it seems that tapers are becoming few and far between in MMJland so we're just not seeing the usual number of recordings find their way to, but I'll sure keep checking.

As to "making Louisville weekend shows an annual festival thing" I have mixed feelings about that.  I really liked the idea of what MMJ had planned for Louisville this year - local opening bands followed by MMJ.  Keep that same basic format and I'll be there, but I think it would be a real mistake to pile more bands festival style into that weekend.  That's pretty much the feeling I got when MMJ was at Forecastle last time around and we said then we were done with festivals.