Free Red Rocks 2022 VIP Posters

Started by MyYinzerJacket, Sep 13, 2022, 09:15 AM

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Hey folks!

Mrs. MYJ and I went to the incredible CO run, and it was great to meet a bunch of jacket fans!

We have a few extra sets of VIP posters from the Red Rocks shows that we'd be happy to pass along to other fans. The posters for each night are the same image/design, the only difference is the date (so you may only want 1 night to frame).  The posters are the same as this one:

Message me if you're interested, and I'll be happy to ship whichever poster(s) to you in a poster tube. The posters are free, we're just asking for $5 or so to help cover the USPS shipping cost (I'll give you my Venmo handle).  First come, first served.
Came for the reverb, stayed for the jams


Pm sent! Night 1 plz. You're awesome for doing this.

Hoptimus Prime

I would love one of these - whichever night you have available.  Thanks so much! :thumbsup:
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Sold aht!
Thanks to all who reached out, I'll have them in the mail soon.
Came for the reverb, stayed for the jams


thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!  :thumbsup:


Mine arrived in the mail today. Thanks again for being so awesome, MyYinzerJacket!