Columbus 9/13

Started by AKS, Sep 13, 2022, 04:13 PM

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Just left Michigan heading towards Columbus! If anyone has a ticket that doesn't have a home let me know!

They were on fire last night! I just couldn't pass up another night of that as the remaining tour dates dwindle!


Did you make the Columbus show tonight?  I went last minute, had a work trip here this week and lucked out on the reschedule date. 

Coming off those two nights at RR, figured it would have to be just a slight letdown right?  No effing way. 2 1/2 hours, Honest Man!, Slow Slow Tune, damn they burned the place down. 

I'm with you, can't miss any opportunity with just a few left this year. Hope you made it!


Awesome show as always! Drove 2 hours to the show only to have security tell me the band does not allow taping, and i could not bring in my audio gear, and refused to assist me in getting in contact with Ryan or Management.

So I just enjoyed the show from the 2nd row. Fun, but a tape would of been cool. Show #16!