Thoughts on Wilmington and Asheville

Started by clayton, Sep 26, 2022, 10:22 AM

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Hey friends,

I was fortunate to go to both the Wilmington and Asheville shows last week. As always, both were amazing. I would give the slight edge to Asheville because of Easy Morning Rebel and I Will Sing You Songs but as we all know, its hard to compare a Jacket show. Some quick thoughts are below.
-The Venue in Wilmington is top notch. Pristine and right on the water with plenty of beer stands and food trucks. Was really easy to come and go and get right up front. Definitely is a Live Nation venue with how corporate it is, but was a well run machine.
-Great to hear Heartbreaking Man, Evelyn, and War Begun. Ending with One Big Holiday is always a hell of a way to end the night.

-Venue, Rabbit Rabbit, is just the parking lot (or just large pavement area, behind Asheville Brewing Company. I have noticed during the Pandemic, and possibly before, breweries all across the country adding a large stage and hosting shows as they tend to have the space and are able to host outdoor events. This is no different, though I have no clue if Rabbit Rabbit is a part of ABC or not. With that being said, it was absolutely slammed. The lines for anything were very long and you had to fight a little bit to get up close.
-Band came out with a bit more energy than Wilmington. Opening with The Dark was a treat and the rest of the night was just perfect.
-The jams that they have added to Wordless Chorus and Touch Me Pt. 2 are just insane. Was able to see this in Atlanta at Shaky Knees, but just pure metal with Touch Me Pt. 2
-What they have done to Love Love Love and Least Expected, is why I follow this band to any part of the earth.

So happy to be able to make the shows, met some great folks, and now cant wait to see what the future holds. Everyone have a great week!


I was in Asheville to see the guys for the first time since 2017. All I need to say is they are so much better than they were 5 years ago. How? Somehow, that's how.


I thought the venue in Wilmington was super chill for a Live Nation venue. Either that or my experience in Nashville was just such a stark contrast. Killer shows both nights. I'm thankful for the four I got this year. Definitely will be attending more next tour.