2022-10-29 KFC YUM Center

Started by cgreen2599, Nov 07, 2022, 08:57 AM

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Brent Stober uploaded his recording last night. I'm also working with Mr. White to get his audio uploaded as well so they'll be another source available soon.



Thanks for posting. Sounds great too!!  <3   :beer:
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Thank you to everyone who tapes/uploads these shows! <3

Us fans on the other side of the globe really appreciate it :headphones: 
it wouldn't be a party without you


Mr. White

Thanks for splitting up the tracks and labeling them and waiting for me to boost the volume of the first two songs and uploading it properly to Internet Archives cgreen2599! I'm a bit slow and sluggish (much like my computer these days) at doing this and doing it properly. I hope to someday make a Matrix Audio version of this show by matching up either one or both of the other Taper Audio recordings to mine ... some day.

Thanks again!


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What does everyone think of the Yum 2.0 show?
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