2022-04-20 Knoxville Civic Auditorium

Started by Mr. White, Dec 31, 2022, 06:51 PM

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Mr. White


cgreen2599 (Chad) uploaded this three days ago. It is my Taper Audio that I was too lazy and/or unorganized enough (or familiar enough with the process) to get done. I had made the single-track (or one long song) audio available for anyone to listen to and/or download using my MEGA account and shared it here. I asked Chad to upload this one and the KFC Yum! Center show that I Taped back in October if he wanted to and had the time.

This recording is pretty good. I was almost dead center on the rail in the pit but slightly off to the left as you face the stage on Carl's side (see my videos for perspective). I used my TASCAM DR-05 Audio Recorder that I've had and used since 2017. When trying to decide how to operate it to get the best and least interrupted or interfered with recording, I notice the rail fence had cotter pins holding each section together and that they were attached with a wire, so they wouldn't get lost or separated when putting them together or taking them apart. Anyway, I decided I could hang the cloth bag I keep it in from the pin's wire, and it would be in an almost perfect location. the mics were about a foot below stage level. This would actually help with the bass from the monitors or Patrick's drums overpowering it during really loud sections of songs. All I had to do was set the recording volume at an acceptable level, so it wouldn't be too quiet or too overdriven. The people around me on both sides were very friendly to the cause, and we had become quite friendly during the wait time before doors and during the long wait for the show to begin. They are sometimes heard yelling or applauding, but no personal or private conversations made it on the recording. The only disturbance is at the beginning of Spring when people on the rail were slapping/banging it in time with the music, but that stopped after a bit. I like this recording a lot and am grateful to Chad for doing this!

Happy New Year!!!
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