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Started by sillyboob, Feb 16, 2023, 12:01 PM

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As a COVID project, I started re-organizing my electronic music files, which meant organizing the folders, tagging tracks correctly, updating compilations tags, updating album artwork, deleting duplicates and low quality tracks, and other things.  It's been quite the deep dive into a lot of songs and bands in my collection.  I've been collecting music for 35 years, and for quite a while I was reading a lot of music blogs and downloading tracks here and there, and it needed to be organized. 

Two programs that became indispensable to this project are Mp3Tag and WavePad Sound Editor. 

Mp3Tag allows you to tag multiple files at once, so updating albums is really easy, and if you want to make sure your Artist names are all correct, a quick mass update gets it done.  A great bit of software.

WavePad Sound Editor allows you to edit your mp3s (and other electronic formats).  Also helps with fade-ins or -out, you can reverse sections, boost volume, etc.  I used WavePad yesterday to trim down some MMJ jams, extracting the spacey intros for Steam Engine & Only Memories Remain (Port Chester & OBH), and some other jammy bits from Evelyn & Magheeta (Port Chester) into their own tracks.  Side note - if you know of any more jams like these let me know, I'm putting together a playlist of their pre- and post-song spaceouts.

Let me know if you have any questions.  These have been very helpful in managing my music collection, which is always growing but currently stands at 98,124 songs on 8,390 albums.
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sillyboob, i love your idea of putting together a little collection of their pre and post song spaceouts.  i have been wanting to do that for a long time.  i love the intro to the port chester steam engine you mentioned.

another good one is the i will sing you songs from the georgia theatre in 2015.

from about 7:30 on is probably one of my favorite stretches of jacket music.

maybe we can start a new thread in the music section with other standout intro and outro sections...