Love & Sound VIP Questions-Charleston, SC

Started by superED, May 30, 2023, 10:47 PM

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Hi All!
1st time message board poster, (fairly) long time MMJ listener! In fact, the first date with my now wife was a MMJ show in 2004 in Lancaster, PA!

Anyway... for the first time ever I purchased VIP tickets for the Friday, June 15th in Charlestown, SC. Does anyone know how that works? Am I able to pick up our posters AFTER the show so I don't have to carry them around the whole time? Do they offer poster tubes for free? My concern is I don't want to carry them the whole time or have them stepped on and ruined. Any tips? THANK YOU!

Also, is VIP worth it? I lost my job (of 16 years) a couple weeks after buying VIP and I'm thinking of selling the VIP tickets at a discount and getting regular Tix instead.

Thanks everybody. Keep on Rockin'!  :headphones: