Roll Call Pittsburgh 6/28/23

Started by Jack D, Jun 29, 2023, 12:31 AM

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Jack D

Anyone else make it to the Pittsburgh show tonight? Originally scheduled for Stage AE's outdoor stage, it was moved to the smaller indoor space due to wildfire smoke. My 8th MMJ show, but the first indoors. All but two songs were from 2011 (Circuital) or older, and we got three I'd never heard- Hopefully, Evelyn, and Honest Man. With the retro set list and small-club vibe, maybe, just maybe, we got a taste of an old-school MMJ show from before our first one in 2015!


I was bummed they moved the show indoors since the outdoor venue is so much better, but things are super hazy in the burgh and the boys still put on a damn good show!

I loved the set list, missing some of the big hits but it was great variety from the catalogue. Maybe my favorite Dodante yet; not too drawn out, just straight jamming all the way through. And I'm such a big fan of the newer outro for wordless, it is truly ethereal.
What a great show, feeling lucky that they came to Pgh 2 years in a row  :drum:
Came for the reverb, stayed for the jams


HONEST MAN!!! Needs to be played so much more. Top 5 MMJ song for me


Great show, lots of surprises.


Happy with setlist; was there with a new-to-MMJ person and sad they didn't hear a few of the hits, but stoked to get some new-to-me-live songs and LOTS of old stuff.


I'm glad they got the show in rather than postponing or cancelling it!  I did not realize that Stage AE has an indoor space because I remember it being in the south side, which did not have an indoor option, but it looks like they built something new over by the stadiums.

This smoky crap is getting old quick.  I can't imagine having to deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis.  Here's hoping the rains come sooner than later to help knock the fires out!


Glad to see the boys in my hometown again, 33rd show, still Climbing The Ladder  :cool:
Just an awesome, high energy set. Crowd was good, although the sound quality indoors at Stage AE versus outside is much different. Waiting to pull the trigger on DC and on the books for Red Rocks, see you all on the road.