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Started by bdawg, Aug 08, 2023, 03:04 PM

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Might I interest you in the new album from Swandive:

Shameless plug here... My son plays guitar in the band. Even if he didn't, I'd still be a huge fan. These are 18 year olds who grew up in Los Angeles playing music together from around age 9. They are great friends, and were classmates at a performing arts high school. Tomorrow night is their last show as high schoolers, as they're all headed to music schools, with my son off to the Manhattan School of Music to study classical composition. We're hopeful that they keep going (another bandmate is heading to NYU), but I'm just enjoying the ride for what's it is, and what it's been.

I've seen them grow up, in so many ways, and this album was produced and mastered by two great local musicians (from Gomez - remember them?). I love the album. I hope you do, too. And, if you live in LA, catch them at the Lodge Room tomorrow night!