Trying to Sell 2x VIP for Fox 11/4 - ORCHCT F

Started by mijay60, Sep 15, 2023, 04:11 PM

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Trying to get face OBO... these are great seats!

My Morning Jacket
NOV 04 2023 at 08:00pm
Fox Theatre- Atlanta

Price Type                Price Level Qty    Price    Charge       Fee       Cost
------------------------- ----------- --- -------- --------- --------- ----------
VIP1                      Front         2    55.50    199.50      4.00     518.00

Level Section Row   Seat(s)   
----- ------- ----- ----------
MAIN  ORCHCT  F     108       
MAIN  ORCHCT  F     107       


Im looking for one ticket. Let me know if you can split the pair into singles. Thanks!!!


Dont think I can... the only real way to transfer is to send you the Apple Wallet email which as both tickets.


Hi, I would buy them both from you and then sell the other one to MMJCobra in a meet-up in the off chance this far in the future they are still available (and still needed).