Beach Life Festival, Redondo Beach

Started by walterfredo, Jan 19, 2024, 07:40 PM

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The organizers just ran a Happy Hour at Barnacles in Hermosa.  Gave away Kona beer, app food, small merch. Very cool of them.

Guess I already got my partial Sunday ticket refund - about $70 in free beer and food, and the local two piece played Golden, Outta My System, and a few Phish songs.  So at least I'm good. Doesn't much help the other 7,000 who weren't able to make it.  lol


Sunday refund policy just posted to the Beachlife Instagram page. 
Cuz it's been so long since someone shattered me.



Well, that's a very fair deal they offered.  Or to put it another way - they ain't LiveNation.  Seem like genuinely good local folks running that festival.

Honestly, I'd be fine with a 50% refund.  Only got to see Courtney and ZZ, but they were well worth $90.


I just read the BeachLife refund statement and I have to say it's all anyone could ask for.  Bravo!


Can someone copy the statement and post it here?  I couldn't see it...


Jack D

Yes, that's a more than fair settlement IMO. Makes me want to return next year- especially if MMJ is invited back. Overall, we had a great time and still enjoyed three great acts on Sunday.