Jillian's Sucks!

Started by johnconaway, Apr 30, 2003, 08:41 PM

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peanut butter puddin surprise

Question:  What outdoor venue in Louisville can hold thousands of people?

Answer:  The Riverfront.  Definitely NOT Jillian's.

Bad vibes.  Will post the gory details tomorrow.  I need a drink, then a smoke, then another drink.

Damn it! >:(
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While I wait to hear your complaints, I can only say that my wife and I enjoyed this show immensely.

My worries are that anyone who thought the show was going to begin as advertised at 8:00 was in for a rude surprise. MMJ sound checked from about 6:15 to 6:45 while a huge crowd waited to enter, and at 7:05 they finally started letting people in.

Much to everyone's surprise, at 7:30 MMJ launched into their set and played 45 minutes of brilliant rock and roll.  The guys were really tight.  At 8:15, they left, with Dylan's cew rushing the stage to get the MMJ equipment out of the way. No time for an encore.

Anyone who waited to arrive at the advertised starting time of 8:00 missed most of MMJ's set.  At 9:00, Dylan began his set. The third act on the bill never appeared.

Honestly, I did not think anyone could top an MMJ show, but Dylan and his band were incredible.  I saw him in 1989 and he was absolutely terrible. But this time, he seemed to actually care about giving his fans a good show and he was fantastic.  Every bit as good as MMJ and then some.

After two encores, he called it a night.  The only thing Dylan (and Jim) left out was an acoustic solo which could have elevated it into a magical event.  But I suppose most often they think it is too risky in such a large venue.  I think either one of them could have pulled it off since the fans know just how strong their material is.

Sorry to hear your experience was bad. Everyone around us seemed to have a tremendously good time.

This was our second time to see MMJ outdoors, last year on the Louisville riverfront, and now at Jillians.  In both instances the sound was very good and MMJ songs were substantial enough to be readily identifiable and enjoyable even in the vast outdoors.  Much, much more so than your typical bar band, their sound is great in both small venues and on large stadium type settingss.  These guys are the total package and if they stay the course, we'll probably never see them in small bars again after this tour. Their blessing and a long time fan's regret.
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peanut butter puddin surprise

I'm glad someone had a good time.

Dear Jillian's
You haven't heard the last of us yet.
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I'm really sorry to hear that you had such trouble with Jillians John. They've got no excuse, so I hope you give them everything they've got coming to them.

I absolutely cannot believe that they didn't open the doors earlier.  They had to see the line that was forming, and know that most of those people would not be in the door by the time MMJ started playing.  I can't think of any reason why they couldn't have opened the doors earlier or allowed MMJ to start a tad later.  I'm pretty upset that I paid so much money, only to miss all but one half of one song by MMJ.

But on to the good things: It was awesome to meet so many folks from this board.  I had a good time hanging out with all the new faces and old friends. Also, I really enjoyed the Dylan set.  I've never been a huge fan, but I recently bought and subsequently enjoyed the Live 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue discs.  The set he put in reminded me more of that record than anything else I've heard by him (which admittedly isn't much).

peanut butter puddin surprise

Thanks man.

Yes, it was great to meet folks from the board.  

We did stay for a bunch of Dylan, that ol bastard still has it!

I'm calling you and Dani today bout the Mag Bar.

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Yeah, my wife, my friend and I didn't get to see but a couple of songs by the Jacket, even though we were there before the doors were scheduled to open at 7.  Since they were my main reason for going, I was pretty bummed, and I even sent a letter to jillian's this morning to complain, which is something I never do.

Sorry I missed all you folks at the Outlook.  I looked for everyone once inside, but to no avail.  Anyway, Dylan sounded good, and so did MMJ's last song.  


It is absolutley inexcusable for Jillians to start a show 30 minutes early, and then compound that problem by making this decision while there was still a huge crowd trying to get in.

When the band came on stage at 7:30 and began playing I even made a comment to my wife that I hope the Outlook Inn gang doesn't miss the show.  Obviously, a lot of people did and they should ask for their money back from Jillians (lot of good that will do) to let them know just how much they messed this up.

It's a real shame this happened, because it was great night and both bands put on great rock shows. We chatted up a lot of Dylan fans there who had never heard of the Jacket.  I heard only favorable comments from all of them.

Just a Heartbreakin' Man, doing a Victory Dance with Shaky Knees, along a Bermuda Highway


I will only say....thank goodness the company made up for my disappointment, having driven all the way from Michigan to see their last four songs. We left the outlook before the rest of the gang and still missed almost all of it in the line, we thought we were quite on time..in fact we were there early to set up the recording gear...which...actually I won't even bother posting that part of the story.

I don't know whether I'm mad at Jillian's or Dylan. I guess I'd like to hear it officially as to why it was moved up a half hour, and when did they announced that? And how we would have found out?..and why if the show was moved up a half hour, wouldn't they have started letting people in a half hour earlier?...

All in all we had a great road trip and I enjoyed what little I did get to see. Louisville is a great town, at least what I got to see of it in the 21 hours I was there. And better yet was the hospitality of the MMJ fans of this site...I had a riot getting to know y'all...can't wait to do it again soon. You made it worth the drive and the mild disappointment of having heard a few muffled songs behind buildings. Take Care, Brian


Oh yeah, Dylan was Ok

peanut butter puddin surprise

You rock Otter.  It was totally awesome meeting you and Scott.  Sometime soon, you should come on down to da Ville for another round of our own blend of hospitality.

Hey, I'll send ya an email with my cell # so we can chat about the FTP server.

It was great meeting you!
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I went to the Bob Dylan website and noticed about 75 posts about the Jillian's show from their perspective...There were a lot of posts saying that it was the best Dylan show of this tour, some saying it was the best performance that they had seen in ten years..etc


Re: The Jillians' show....

:'( Many, many tears...Dude it really broke my heart, but as Jeffrey Lee said, it sounded great from the sidewalk...damn it!

However, it sure was sweet to meet so many fine folks from the board  ;)...and I was eventually appeased by the annual foggy wonder of Derby...Awww yeah!!! What a fuckin' great weekend! I even caught Trans Am and VHS or Beta at Headliner's, which, of course, was awesome!!!!!