Louisville Posters

Started by LaurieBlue, Aug 20, 2008, 10:29 AM

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(My apologies if this has already been posted)..


MadPixel has created some incredible artwork for what will likely go down as the most important concert of the year in Louisville, the recent appearance of My Morning Jacket at the Louisville Waterfront.  Since the show, a lot of people have been asking where they could find it. Fortunately for you, you read Backseat Sandbar and now you know how to find one of these pieces. There are only 40 available, and are 18[ch8243] x 24[ch8243] three color silkscreen printed on 100# Off-White Cougar stock. Each of these pieces are signed and numbered. After shipping the cost comes to $46. However, for a reminder of that night, I suspect many of you would be willing to shell out a lot more. Be sure to tell Ron that Backseat Sandbar sent you...