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Started by Love_Dog, Jun 17, 2008, 08:24 PM

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Love Dogg

How many My Morning Jacket shows have you seen to date?  This includes Jim James solo gigs and of course Jim and Carl shows.
I'll go first.  Here goes:



06.12.2004-Bonnaroo (Press Tent) *Jim James

06.03.2007-Rudyard Kipling **Jim & Carl

06.10.2008-Ear X-tacy




10.07.2008-Chicago *Jim James

12.31.2008-Madison Square Garden

10.01.2009-Rudyard Kipling *Yim Yames

10.31.2009-Louisville ***Monsters of Folk (does this count? I think so)

12.06.2009-Rudyard Kipling * Yim Yames

02.14.2010-The Rathskellar *Yim Yames



07.22.2010-Lexington ****Appalachian Voices (does this count? I think so))
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put me down for 0  :'(

but I'll be at Radio City


and then looking to get tickets for NYE MSG


Oh I'll never say I knew you, but my heart can't wait to meet you on the other side


For as much as I truly love this band Ive only seen them twice, once when they opened for Pearl Jam and later that year at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Ive been listening to them since I was in college back in 2001, but I went to school literally in the middle of nowhere and was poor as dirt lol. I only had the opportunity to see them once I moved to Philadelphia. I will be at Radio City Friday, and I also have tickets for the Festival Pier in Philadelphia for September. Also plan on seeing the New Years Eve show. So if everything works out I will have seen them 5 times by years end.
Say friend, you got any more of that good sasparilla?


3/5 of my shows have been front row. 8-16 will be show #6, and we will probably sit/stand/dance for that one rather than pushing for the front. I still feel like a beginner.......
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Jon T.

I think I'll be hanging back too, TEO.  I want to get real comfy like and just soak it all in.  I think we're in for a magical night.

Angry Ewok

Shows attended... (9x)

2005.06.03      -      Sloss Furnace, AL
2005.06.12      -      Bonnaroo, TN
2005.10.06      -      Roxy Theatre, GA
2006.04.21      -      Rites of Spring, TN
2006.06.16      -      Bonnaroo, TN
2006.11.12      -      Tabernacle, GA
2006.11.13      -      Ryman Auditorium, TN
2007.02.17      -      Alabama Theatre, AL
2008.06.13      -      Bonnaroo, TN

Coming Soon... (2x)

2008.08.16      -      Louisville, KY
2008.08.27      -      Fox Theatre, GA

--- and that's 2 real 4 u.


11/2/05- Mississippi Nights St Louis, MO
11.20.06- The Pageant St Louis, MO

I need more shows.


QuoteI think I'll be hanging back too, TEO.  I want to get real comfy like and just soak it all in.  I think we're in for a magical night.

I'll see you there! You are staying at the Courtyard right? We are thinking about booking that.
"You are only as young as the last time you changed your mind" T. Leary


Quote11/2/05- Mississippi Nights St Louis, MO
11.20.06- The Pageant St Louis, MO

I need more shows.

Ditto.  You would think I would have more being such a fanboy and all. ;D

However, I'm justa 'bout ready to double that total my friend. [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]That would bring me to four.

Plus five and maybe six when they do St. Louis and Memphis on the fall tour. ;)
I'm digging, digging deep in myself, but who needs a shovel when you have a little boy like mine.


Plus five and maybe six when they do St. Louis and Memphis on the fall tour. ;)
That will (and I mean WILL be 3 and 4 for me). Must go rub the lucky rabbits foot, lucky buddah, and prey to Joboo that that happens.


Good thread.  I was actually trying to tally mine up not long ago.

2003-01-04 Headliners Music Hall - Louisville, KY
2003-09-26 Headliners Music Hall - Louisville, KY
2003-09-27 Headliners Music Hall - Louisville, KY
2005-06-30 Palace Theater - Louisville KY
2005-11-23 Palace Theatre - Louisville, KY
2006-06-16 Bonnaroo Festival - Manchester, TN
2006-11-22 Louisville Gardens - Louisville, KY
2008-06-10 ear X-tacy - Louisville, KY
2008-06-13 Bonnaroo Festival - Manchester, TN

And hopefully I can make it back for the 8/16 show in the ville.


8 total

04 Bonnaroo  (First time I ever heard the band)
6/20/04 Exit In Nashville
6/09/05 Knoxville Sundown in the City
11/23/05 The Palace in Louisville
4/21/06 Rites of Spring Vandy
11/10/06 Knoxville
11/13/06 The Ryman
8/15/08 Nashville Rive Front

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 2003-06-07 Field Day Music Festival - East Rutherford, NJ
2003-09-12 Soundscapes - Toronto, Canada
2003-09-12 Lee's Palace - Toronto, Canada
2004-05-28 The Opera House - Toronto, Canada
2005-10-19 The Guvernment - Toronto, Canada
2008-06-16 Kool Haus - Toronto, ON


#1 November 2005 - Henry Fonda, Los Angeles
Mostly, I was out on the veranda smoking cigarettes and drinking Jack 'n Cokes with my ex...was a good time, but MAN I wish I was in the front.

#2 NYE 2006-07 - Fillmore, San Francisco
There with my best girlfriend.  I think we blew her mind!

#3 January, 2007 - Portland, Crystal Ballroom
Staggared out and wandered up Burnside with my ears ringing MAHGEETA in a daze by myself and realized that's the best way to see a show: by yourself!

#4 ACL, Sept, 2007 - Austin, Texas
Bob Dylan had nothing on these guys this night!  Definitely the best show of the fest.  

#5 RCMH, June, 2008, NYC
Really hope that I am able to find my way home to the hotel.

#6 LA, Greek Theater, Sept., 2008
Not my first choice of venue, but I'm there.

#7 PDX, McMenamins Edgefield, Sept., 2008
This will RULE!

#8 NYE, NYC, MSG 2008
Pending lottery winning... :-?

My jacket's gonna be cut slim and checked



I"ve got:

Bonnaroo '05
City Hall, Nashville 10/05
Cincinnati 10/05
Rites of Spring 3/06
Bonnaroo '06
Nashville, The Ryman 10/06

Nice! Six!
The river is moving. The blackbird must be flying.

Goat Boy

Two.  However living in Scotland kinda makes it harder to see them than if I lived in certain parts of America I guess.  That's my excuse.

The first time was at The Gaelic Club in Sydney March 2004.  Small gig, plenty space to move and dance.  I was right at the front and shook Jim James hand twice after the gig - the second time he kinda looked at me with a look that screamed 'you again?' but he did it anyway.  Hey, I was fucking pissed and ecstatic.  After the gig a mate and me got arrested for taking a taxi car for a joyride.  Unmarked police car was right behind us!  What are the chances eh?   ::)  Aussie cops are nasty and had no idea what poppers were.  I've got the set list somewhere.

The second time was Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh November ish 2006 I think (one of the top 100 clubs in the world apparently!).  Low key gig, very intimate and appreciative crowd (Jim thanked us for the warmth we'd displayed – a lovely moment).  Short set sadly as the fucking DJ was playing upstairs so it was truncated.  Jim came on and sang I Needed It Most, solo with acoustic, and blew everybody away.  My mate, whose not even a fan really, turned around and mouthed 'holy fucking shit, that was awesome' as the song subsided.

The third time will be in Amsterdam on July 8th!  Shrooms or weed?  Hmmm perhaps I'll stick with the weed.  Looking forward to it so, so much.  Need a break away somewhere.


5/27/2006 - Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ
5/28/2006 - Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ
7/23/2006 - Wiggins Park - WXPN Festival (Jim Solo)
12/1/2006 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
6/20/2008 - Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY
9/5/2008 - Festival Pier - Philadelphia
12/31/2008 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

4 as of now... 7 by the end of the year. That's more than I've seen any other band (PJ is in 2nd with 5 as of Thursday).
The wind blew me back, via Chicago, in the middle of the night.

Don Dante

Six, goin' on Nine.

6.4.05        40 Watt, Athens, GA
4.21.06        Rites of Spring Vandy
6.16.06        Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN
11.12.06      The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
3.6.07      40 Watt, Athens, GA
3.7.07      40 Watt, Athens, GA

...and heading to...

8.15.08      Nashville, TN
8.16.08      Louisville, KY
8.27.08      Atlanta, GA
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2003-04-23 Exit/In - Nashville, TN
2003-09-27 Headliners Music Hall - Louisville, KY

2004-01-18 Blue Cats - Knoxville, TN
2004-06-20 Exit/In - Nashville, TN

2005-06-03 Sloss Furnace - Birmingham, AL
2005-06-04 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA
2005-06-30 Palace Theater - Louisville KY (WILCO)
2005-10-07 Blue Cats - Knoxville, TN
2005-10-08 Music City Hall - Nashville, TN
2005-10-26 Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH

2006-04-21 Rites of Spring Festival - Nashville, TN
2006-11-10 Tennessee Theater - Knoxville, TN
2006-11-13 Ryman Auditorium - Nasville, TN

2008-08-15 Nashville Riverfront


2006-11-24 Riviera Theatre - Chicago, IL
2007-08-05 Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL

This year:
2008-10-04 State Theatre (Fillmore) - Detroit, MI

2008-08-15 Riverfront - Nashville, TN
2008-08-16 Great Lawn - Louisville, KY

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