Anyone like Willie Nelson?

Started by mickeyreds, May 10, 2005, 08:48 PM

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Willie Nelson is awsome. Ive seen him at farm aid twice and with bob dylan three times. All of the shows were amazing. he might be old , but he still has it.
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Willie's got the goods.  Possibly one of America's finest songwriters and certainly a musical treasure.

Not to mention he's funny as shit.  Ever seen him on "King of the Hill"?  Priceless.
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I saw the episode where ... now how did it go.  Hank somehow got Willie's guitar?  Crap me that I'm about to google what Willie's guitar is named because I can't remember.  Now I can't even find it.  Not Amanda.  Not Helen.  Man this will drive me nuts.  Somebody help me out...

Also, the Red Headed Stranger is one of the greatest records of all time.  In my opinion, anyhow.  I really love it.

Erin?  man.


BETSY!!!  (thank god)  (now i'm second-guessing myself, though... confirmation?)

peanut butter puddin surprise

oh yeah, Bobby was playing Betsy with cheese...which prompted the whole "let's go play golf on Willie's Ranch" kinda thingy.
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I've seen Willie twice: once w/ Dylan, once w/ Dwight Yoakam & Marty Stuart.  

I was only familiar w/ the "greatest hits" the first time I saw him, and I was blown away by what an awesome guitarist he is!  He was playing these really jazzy chords and solos.

Yeah, so.  I like Willie.


Hell yeah I like Willie Nelson!  :D

I plan on catching Willie & Bob when they come through in June. ;)
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I'm glad I got to see Willie Live. A few years ago at Summerfest in Milwaukee open for the Dead. A true legend.


Saw Willie Nelson awhile back and I thought is was o.k. but not that special.  Clearly, in many people's eyes he is a legend but not is my eyes.  



Willie is definitely a legend.

I have no need to see him anymore though, or buy any of his new albums.   I've seen him 4 or 5 times in concert.  The first 2 were tremendous.   The subsequent ones he basically didn't sing at all---just talked thru all of his songs.  I don't think his shows are at all what they used to be.

He's definitely a legend i think.
He's no Billy Joe Shaver though.


Hell yes one of my favorite people.  I am going to see him tonight in beaumont. i sawhim in new orleans. what an amazing guy.
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Okay, what's odd is that I was planning on posting a board about Dwight Yoakam.  So I come here and someone has mentioned Mr. Yoakam in a forum about Willie "Smoked pot on the roof of the White House" Nelson.  That's like Jung's theory of synchronicity or something.  Anyway, still looking for Red Headed Stranger on vinyl; I'll find it one day (unscratched).

Now, about Dwight Yoakam.  Is it just me or is he pretty fuckin awesome?  He came along in the late 80s, early 90s doing country music that Nashville wanted to forget about, and was largely shunned by the country music establishment (on his "Guitars and Cadillacs" tour he had tour tshirts made up that said "Fuck Ya'll" on the back...I need one, badly); not to mention of course his permanent residence not in Tennessee but <activating Austrian accent> Cal-ee-for-nyah.  I haven't really bought anything new by him in awhile, but the three album trilogy of "Buenos Nachos From An Empty Room;"  "If There Was A Way;" and "This Time" from the early 90s are exquisite pieces of work.  Opinions?
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I love Dwight Yoakam.He was a rebel in the fact that he wanted to play traditional country honky tonk music when Nashville was only playing the likes of Kenny Rodgers.Plus he is a Kentucky boy.Like you said there were some awesome tunes from those albums produced by his co-hort Pete Anderson who also played lead guitar.He got a big boost playing in L.A. punk clubs in the late 80's and help revive the cowpunk sound with his great live shows.


Dwight's awesome.  My country mom got me interested back in the early 90s when my knowledge of country was limited to the radio, and the radio (of course) sucked.

the album is really great.  I saw him the one time with Willie (killer version of Suspicious Minds) and another time in Louisville - all acoustic show in a club.  He did lots of covers, including John Prine.  So cool.


I like Dwight all right.

I was in a "band" (read: we had big dreams) three years ago, and one of our guys was MENTAL for Dwight Yoakam, and we learned a pretty cool version of Guitars and Cadillacs.  

ps our name was "(Dis)Band... is your band".  ahem.
And we would have been huge if the two boys didn't hate each other.  ;)


Dwight is great.   "If there was a way" and "This time" are 2 of my favs as well.   He puts on a great concert too.

If you like Dwight, you should really check out Buck Owens if you don't know about him.   Buck was really the first to begin the "California sound" of Country back in the 60s and 70s.    He was the only one at the time using Rickenbacker guitars in country music.  It was good.


Thanks for all of the response. Its good to see people still have respect for a true american ledgend.
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Willie's guitar is Trigger, Betsy was Hank's guitar.
Hell yer Willie is a legend! Just like Johnny & Waylon...
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