Lollapalooza webcast video

Started by JPV, Aug 07, 2011, 01:16 PM

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Awesome, downloading now. I tried to record with GetIt but it didnt turn out very well.


"Somewhere out there is a land that's cool, where peace and balance are the rule."


Heyyy.........Have no sound on this video. Anyone else??
"Somewhere out there is a land that's cool, where peace and balance are the rule."


if anyone can help a brother out that doesn't have a dime account. much appreciated
Gazziza My Dillsnufus



i'm having no luck burning this to dvd. anyone wanna help this brother out also??


Man this downloading slow... any way to speed it up? I'm getting like a 13 day download time...


I've tried converting this over to .mpg so I can burn to dvd with no luck.

Anyone able to do that and can provide tips?

EDIT: Thanks to JohnnYYac and his tip of using DVD Flick, I got this done. Great program!


what file format is it in now? i don't have a dimeadozen account.


It's a .ts file.

But, I tried using a .ts to .mpg file converting program and it said it wasn't in .ts format, so I don't know for sure.


hmmm what program are you using to convert it? did you try ffmpeg?


Thanks, I used DVD Flick (thanks, JohnnYYac!!)


I converted the unstaged video to ts and used Nero to burn to DVD , worked great.  If this is ts format it should be ready to burn using Nero.
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I've uploaded this to Youtube. Note that at the end of Dondante there's like a half second glitch that occurs and I don't know why. That's just how the video I had saved is. Because of it from that point on the sound is a little off in the video. It's kind of annoying at times, but regardless it's nice to have this footage available. I plan to get the audio up on Archive at some point too.