April 27th - Happy Birthday, Jim and Patrick!!! (born this date in '78)

Started by johnnYYac, Apr 26, 2012, 01:14 am

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Well, today (April 27) is birthday #34 (hmmm) for both Jim James and Patrick Hallahan, childhood chums who have more than musical talent in common. 

Let's load this thread with love and birthday wishes, then send it over to 'em.

Gentlemen, happy birthday and thank you for great music.  See you both in July!

Close enough!


I still can't believe I share my birthday with these two knuckleheads.  Who else was born on 4/27?  None other than Shaggy himself, Casey Kasem!


a server i work with, who is also one of my favorite people along with Jim and Patrick, who helped me out a lot when I was 17 and my parents moved 9 hours away, turns 30 today also. Happy birthday to Jim, Pay, BMC, and her. And whoever Casey Kasem is!

edit: just realized that tomorrow is april 27th. so yeah, everyone has a birthday tomorrow.
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i just looked him up. I know who he is, but wouldve never known his name.
don't rock bottom, just listen just slow down...


Happy Birthday Gentleman.

James Taylor once sang "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time"

Seems you guys have known the secret for a long time.  Keep on Rockin'!!!!
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Quote from: e_wind on Apr 26, 2012, 12:02 pm
i just looked him up. I know who he is, but wouldve never known his name.

Casey had the biggest syndicated radio show of the 70's. American Top Forty. The radio equivalent of American Bandstand. Many a night as an eleven year old listening to it after bedtime with a one ear headphone, and my little transistor under the covers.


BIG birthday wishes and much love to Jim and Patrick!  Thank you for enriching my life!


Sending my Bday wishes to Jim and Patrick, didn't know I shared the same age! lol

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And a long distance dedication goes out to little Jim and Patrick who are celebrating their 34th birthday....

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Birthday wishes to two of the men who fully satisfy my musical needs! Enjoy your birthday!


their birthday's just made me realize i'm 33 and not 32 .. where did that year go? i sorta now believe it when folks start to forget their age. crazy!!



Happy B-day Jim & Patrick!  I can't thank you enough for the music - it makes my world a happy place.  Cheers!  ;)
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Happy happy b-day!  Thanks for sonically improving my life.  Immensely!!
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Happy Birthday Jim and Patrick! I am really, really glad you were born. Have a terrific day and we are looking forward to Forecastle!

"Yer Pal,"

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Someone bought this cake and presented it to him last night before the first song


Close enough!