MMJ Free Atlanta Show April 5, 2013?!?!

Started by craigtheowl, Mar 11, 2013, 10:48 am

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Penny Lane

but come on...there's nothing sexy about poop. Nothing.  -bbill


Crazy!!!  Gives me hope for more MMJ shows this year :)
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WOW! Can't believe this is going down. Those who are close to this show are so lucky to be able to get a little unexpected fix!

I'm expecting a barn-burning set, chock full of deep album cuts and unreleased jams.



don't rock bottom, just listen just slow down...


I am excited and very jealous for anyone who is going.
Mona Lisa must'a had the highway blues, you can tell by the way she smiles.


Wooooohooooo!!!!!!!! So glad I kept the faith and put in for this day off work when I first heard about it!!   :cheesy:


that's a big crowd to have not played in a while - wonder if they will do a small warm up show first


.....Back at the Model Home


Just created a twitter last night to investigate this mystery saga and had to double take when that tweet popped up! MMJ and free taboot :cheesy:
Let the spontaneous curation begin!

Penny Lane

So this Zac Brown guy...does he have a greatest hits package?..and where do all the high school girls hang out? (bwhwhahahahahahah gross, this is gonna be worse than Better than Ezra!)
but come on...there's nothing sexy about poop. Nothing.  -bbill


yesssss!! this has made my month!!! see you guys there!


Yeeeaah  :drum: Anyone that doubted this show is banned from the rail. I kid I kid, but seriously though, will this really be spontaneously curated? If so, I wanna hear War Begun and Nashville To Kentucky!


Congrats Atlanta. I wonder if MMJ will do something from Regions. Maybe A New Life a la Live Tusk, with a local marching band!  Otherwise, I would think it will be a fest-y set. I'd be there if...
Close enough!


I can't imagine it's spontaneously currated. For a crowd this size, it will be a hits heavy setlist. Also, Zac Brown comes on after MMJ correct? I'll leave after Jacket.


I actually enjoyed Zac Brown Band at Bonnaroo the one year I got to see them. I think they have played there 3 different years. Yes they have some crappy country radio pop songs, but they also jam out and actually play. I would much rather see them over anyone playing Saturday. Plus they do some kickass covers.
Zach Brown Band - Goodbye Blue Sky and Comfortably Numb w/ Warren Haynes


YESS!  I'll be at the final four games on Saturday and will catch this on Friday, gonna be a great weekend.
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does this mean MMJ are on the road more then we thought they would be in 2013... Can only hope so.. free shows everywhere please :cool:


I will be more than happy to generously give any Zac Brown fans the opportunity to see their favorite band without my presence. I've got a date with Richard Thompson in Nashville the next night, so I'll be interested in getting as far down the road back to TN that evening after Jacket plays. I hope we get a full show. With only three bands, we should.

Jon T.

My wife drug me to Zac Brown when he played Deluna Fest last year.  I am by no means a fan, but there are a lot worse bands to get stuck seeing (like Foo Fighters  :tongue:).  Anwyay, as it was said, he plays some pretty good and unexpected covers.  I would not at all be surprised if he threw in a Jacket cover.  He did a good job of making his covers relevant to the kind of music that was at Deluna Fest.