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Started by ChiefOKONO, Oct 02, 2019, 12:27 pm

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Has anyone heard these guys?  They are really great - mellow and moody music and very compelling to me.

I first got into them after seeing the NPR Tiny desk concert.

"This trio from Houston, Texas is heavily inspired by 1960s and '70s funk and soul from, of all places, Thailand. That musical passion has taken them on a journey that, these days, incorporates music from Spain, Ethiopia and the Middle East. Khruangbin's largely instrumental music is grounded in Laura Lee's bass, with Mark Speer playing those melodic, richly reverbed guitar sounds and Donald "DJ" Johnson on drums and piano."


Khruangbin are great.  Their Tiny Desk Concert is a lot of fun.  They also have a KEXP session out there that is real good too.
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I love their sound, very unique & original.  Hoping I can catch them live soon.


I agree... this band is great.  Parkervb turned me onto this band last year, and I have been listening to them a lot since.  I love their sound. They are so cool and chill with great guitar tone.  Check out all their albums.  There are some particularly great sounding shows on YouTube.  They are good live and often weave in a few random covers.


The new EP with Leon Bridges is crazy awesome as far as I'm concerned. They mesh their collective styles really well & cover a lot of different ground, despite it being just 4 songs.


Thanks for the heads up I had no idea and I'm going to have to get this!!!