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The Tapings / Re: Jim James 2018-11-14 Capitol Theatre
« Last post by searchinbig on Yesterday at 11:32 AM »
Dude.  :thumbsup:  <3
The Shows / Re: Jim in Boston
« Last post by Jbpats on Yesterday at 09:12 AM »

As seen after the show. It was magical.

Oh my, knot comes loose.

Absolutely love that song and am curious to hear it acoustic since the piano/pedal steel are my favorite contributions in it.
The Tapings / Re: Jim James Solo Fall Tour 2018
« Last post by opsopcopolis on Yesterday at 01:15 AM »
The Tapings / Re: Jim James Solo Fall Tour 2018
« Last post by crooney on Nov 17, 2018, 09:42 PM »
thx again chk.  this matrix is a thing of beauty.  sounds phenomenal!
The Shows / Re: Jim in Boston
« Last post by jay.king on Nov 17, 2018, 08:33 PM »

As seen after the show. It was magical.
Other Music / Re: Shows that are coming up
« Last post by Lucius on Nov 17, 2018, 05:07 PM »
Got myself into a special show at Metropolis Studios in London, 100 fans including myself seeing an intimate show by Band of Skulls on 29th Nov, all for free! Couldn't be happier! Saw them at Scala in London a week or two back and they are awesome live. I love special events like this, been to a few small gigs in record stores and the atmosphere is always great!
The Band / Re: Jim James Colorful Jacket
« Last post by Lonndown27 on Nov 17, 2018, 03:30 PM »
Very cool, cort. Welcome to the Forum. PM me your address for a welcome gift.

Johnny ALWAYS hooks ya up!!!! Johnny is the coolest Jacket fan in the world, please please please become friends with this beautiful man! I had the pleasure to meet him in Denver in 2017 for the NYE Jacket shows and the only thing I regret was not hanging out with him more.

I miss all of you so dearly.

What a fucking sick jacket how did you find THAT?
The Band / Re: Carl Interview with Relix
« Last post by Lonndown27 on Nov 17, 2018, 03:28 PM »

Fun interview with Carl talking about making this record and doing the fall tour. Still says that there are no plans on the books for 2019, but with Jim's statements that they will tour and the wrapping up of everybody's separate tours (Jim and Carl's solo shows, Bo with Roger Waters, Pat with Jake Shear) happening this winter, it looks like they could (theoretically of course) get in some studio time this winter finishing off the rest of this new record and getting it out on the road next summer.

sounds like a little too much, thanks to them working their asses off during this "break" period. They really need a good 5 or 6 months off, with Jim doing some post-production work on the live album / DVD, which TO ME is the priority RIGHT NOW. If they don't get this live album or DVD out by this time next year, those shows have a big risk of being obsolete, especially for an Okonokos II set.

There's so many different options, there's the Beacon 2015 shows, Red Rocks 2016, Iroqouis Louisville 2016, the NYE 2017 shows...there's a lot there that could be put together, in pieces of shows or entire shows in a box set, either way, put it out and we'll ALL buy it, multiple times and in multiple formats.

The Waterfall II record can wait, in my opinion, especially if they're shitty songs. We need to hear everything, I get that, but I'd rather them close that chapter with a fantastic DVD and live album companion, then hunker down for a new album, or even before that, come play shows at Red Rocks for a week and then go on a 2 month break, then begin recording.

But these guys NEVER take a break...
well fuck, I guess if i was in their position I wouldn't either. Jim's creatively in a lull, and he's desperate to keep going after the mixed results of UNIFORM and Tribute To 2 and i wish he'd just take a second and go to the next creative destination.

Uniform brought us a few masterpieces that we'll be listening to 20 years from now (which is how i / we need to judge MMJ records):
- Throwback

- No Secrets

- Just a Fool (kinda)

- Too Good To Be True (a perfect song that'll end 4 hour Jacket shows after PWW a few yrs from now)

Tribute To 2 only had one shining moment and it was big one: that cover of I Just Wasn't Made For These Times is mindblowing!!!

That joins these few from ROS:
- Know Til Now
- State of the Art
- A New Life (somewhat, but a lot of you love that song so it has to be included)
- Of The Mother Again (really sad he didn't play this when I just saw him on the 5th, but it makes it even worse that it was ON THE SETLIST.....easily my favorite solo song of his)

Eternally Even, is an album i must admit I haven't explored as much as I should. I still haven't listened to it the entire way through and I feel embarrassed about that.
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