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The Music / Re: Bring The Power Back Home ...
Last post by Cameron - Today at 05:19 pm
How's the acoustic version?
The Music / Re: Bring The Power Back Home ...
Last post by cre618 - Today at 05:03 pm
Just got my link to files, FYI
The Music / Re: Bring The Power Back Home ...
Last post by ChiefOKONO - Today at 03:41 pm
Thank you this is awesome!!!
The Music / Re: Bring The Power Back Home ...
Last post by Mr. White - Today at 02:28 pm
Quote from: notdarkyet on Today at 01:11 pmdo the mp3s come immediately when you pre-order?

My order confirmation e-mail said this,

"Thank you for your purchase!
Hi John, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. Orders may be delayed due to the ever changing situation with COVID-19. We ask for your understanding while we try to get orders out in a timely fashion while keeping our staff and families safe. We will notify you when it has been sent. ***If your order contains 'Bring The Power Back Home' 7", you will be receiving a separate email containing your digital download within 24 hours."
The Music / Re: Bring The Power Back Home ...
Last post by notdarkyet - Today at 01:11 pm
do the mp3s come immediately when you pre-order?
The Music / Re: The Waterfall II
Last post by hazelfigurine - Today at 01:03 pm
Did anyone actually get the digital download code from colortest on August 28th?  I got the email in mid July saying the album shipping date but was pushed to after September 7th and in the same email said I would get a digital download on the album release date (which I understood when I purchased the album) but I never got anything via email.

10 days and still no response on the digital download question or when I can expect the album to be shipped.  I see others complaining about this entire process and as a small business owner myself I don't see how there is any excuse to treat your customers this way, covid or not, if anything the band should have plenty of time right now to figure out how they sell their products to the public. It really isn't that hard logistically in this day and age, it's a complete disservice to their fans that they can't ever seem to get this right. Other bands I pre-order records or packages through never seem to have this problem.
The Tapings / Re: Official Bootlegs at nugs....
Last post by subinai - Today at 12:06 pm
ready for some more!
The Music / Re: Bring The Power Back Home ...
Last post by subinai - Today at 12:05 pm
awesome - purchased!
The Music / Bring The Power Back Home - Li...
Last post by CC - Today at 12:04 pm
"In honor of National Voter Registration Day, we're excited to announce a brand new 7". The limited edition pressing of 2,020 copies contains two takes on "Bring The Power Back Home" - electric & acoustic. 100% of proceeds will go to support Fair Fight's initiative to promote fair elections, educate voters on their rights, and bring awareness to election reform."

"All purchases include a digital download. We're planning to send the vinyl out at the end of October (we'll do much better than the shipping issues we had with The Waterfall II... SO sorry about that!)"

A Note From Jim James:
"'Bring The Power Back Home' is about taking control of your own destiny... reclaiming one's personal power in an effort to bring positive change back to our lives, even if it seems that good in the world is slipping out of our grasp at times. Positive change and progress is still possible. One of the best ways we can reclaim and use our power for good right now is to VOTE like our lives depend on it, because they do."

Other Music / Re: Currently Listening To...
Last post by APR - Today at 10:43 am
Quote from: parkervb on Yesterday at 04:18 pmSOTA is one of my all time jams and I was a lil worried they'd give it too much yacht rock but they did it proper.

I happened to watch this clip last night and really enjoyed it too.  Illiterate Light has an MMJ cover (Thank You Too with a surprise jam in the middle) that is definitely worth viewing/listening.
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