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Show Posters / Re: In Search of... POSTERS!!!
Last post by CountSA - Yesterday at 05:05 pm
If anyone has a Status Beacon Night 4 poster, that is the only one from that run I am missing.
Show Posters / Re: In Search of... POSTERS!!!
Last post by unravelled - Yesterday at 03:49 pm
ISO 2006 Bonnaroo Burlesque poster.  The one with the pink octopus.

Been searching for years now.
The Band / Re: What the world needs now i...
Last post by PaauweUrges - Yesterday at 12:33 am
As the world finds itself in one of the most tumultuous times we've ever experienced, I can't help but agree and think that Jim will either dig up something special or project his angelic and healing voice in some way.

The Withers covers was magical. Losing Prine probably hit him deeply as well. We all need a bit of healing power right now.
The Music / RIP John Prine - Jim James Cov...
Last post by PaauweUrges - Yesterday at 12:19 am
John Prine was my gateway to appreciate classic Country.

Jim James was my gateway to John Prine <3

Once upon a time, someone in this forum shared a folder of MMJ/JJ doing (mostly acoustic) covers . This folder actually changed my life quite a bit.

In this incredible compilation, Jim James covers John Prine's All The Best, & Spanish Pipedream. Of course, MMJ covered All the Best on the 2010 John Prine Tribute record, but Jim James playing it acoustic solo is something quite magical...

Even more magical is his slow, ghostly, contemplative, heart-wrenching cover of the chorus from Spanish Pipedream. I've played this 50-second clip hundred of times.

I'm pretty sure there is a working link to the entire Covers Compilation somewhere in this forum, but here is a dropbox link to Jim's John Prine covers:

Thank you, Jim, for introducing me to one of my favorite songwriters, and RIP John Prine. Enjoy your 9-foot cigarette, brother.

Other Music / Re: John Prine
Last post by rkwedge - Yesterday at 12:15 am
The world has lost a treasure in trying times. R.I.P. John
F-You Covid 19
Other Music / Re: John Prine
Last post by Bulldog - Apr 07, 2020, 10:16 pm
Last year, Prine was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Onstage, he summed up why he chose a life as a songwriter: "I gotta say, there's no better feeling than having a killer song in your pocket, and you're the only one in the world who's heard it."

Other Music / Re: John Prine
Last post by walterfredo - Apr 07, 2020, 09:49 pm
Devastating. Heartbreaking.
Other Music / Re: John Prine
Last post by Mr. White - Apr 07, 2020, 09:48 pm
John died today.

This is a photo I took of my T-Shirt from his OH BOY RECORDS Interweb site that was part of a fundraiser for Nashville Tornado Relief. The back says, OH BOY NASHVILLE IS PRETTY GOOD.

I got myself one and one for my brother and took this photo to show him what it looked like until we can get together again.

Play your John Prine Music real loud tonight. Send him your love. Send out your love to his family.
The Band / Re: What the world needs now i...
Last post by ChiefOKONO - Apr 07, 2020, 01:32 pm
Thank you so much for posting that!!!
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