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The Shows / Re: Roll Call - Forest Hills S...
Last post by Woody - Today at 05:53 pm
Quote from: evilurges86 on Jul 15, 2019, 09:25 amMee! :)

I just noticed the show starts at 7. Seems really early... does 7 indicate doors or opener?

The last time they played there I think Gary Clark, Jr. came on @ 6, jacket came on @ 7:40 and played until 10 which is the strict curfew. I could be wrong about some of those times but a 7:00 start for opener is going to lead to a 2 hr jacket show at the most.
The Shows / Re: Less than a month left to ...
Last post by parkervb - Today at 03:24 pm
so Carl is on tour for one more week and the RR shows are the following week so it will be tight for rehearsal time.
The Shows / Re: Tennesee Fire at th Cap 8/...
Last post by Angelo - Today at 03:22 pm
1) Millerjustin & the Mrs.
2) parkervb +4 
3) JBPats + 3 repping the floor!
4) tdb810 + Bob -- Floor
5) JBPats + 3
6) Haldon +2
7) Cameron & Wife on floor
8) Clarkwork and wife LOGE vip
9) robb
10) APR + 2
11) Mhurley8 +3 on the floor!
12) Bagels +3 on the floor! -
13) Chieftokenpuff6 - Floor
14 jttouch2 on the floor
15) panack + 3 on the floor
16) SauceGod +1 on the floor
17) unravelled +1. 1st row balcony
18) evilurges86 balcony 
19) dexter loge. Anyone want to split a cab/Uber back to Manhattan after?
20) Angelo +1
The Shows / Re: Less than a month left to ...
Last post by evilurges86 - Today at 02:31 pm
Quote from: parkervb on Jul 09, 2019, 01:38 pmso are they playing all of TTF or are they playing TTF front to back? I was thinking the latter but its not entirely clear from the announcement.

I expect a Victory Dance opener at Forest Hills, OBH closer with no new covers (they'll be brushing up on the less played TTF items is my reasoning).

I was thinking along the same lines. But, I'm thinking/hoping circuital as an opener maybe.

I really liked when the covered "Careless Whisper" at Forescastle. I'm hoping for at least one random cover that will make me smile.
I have a 3-day GA Stands pass for Phish at Dicks I'd like to trade for 2 tickets to the Saturday Jacket show at Red Rocks.  Shoot me a note if interested!

Other Music / Re: Wilco 2019
Last post by sillyboob - Yesterday at 04:35 pm
Long shot, I know...
Other Music / Re: Wilco 2019
Last post by iLikeBeer - Yesterday at 01:46 pm
Eleventh studio album and if the rest of the LP is as good as their first release, they still have yet to release one that falls short!!!

Can't wait to see them in C'bus in November!!!
Still available. At this point I break up the tix and will sell as pairs.
The Shows / Re: Less than a month left to ...
Last post by RobRoy286 - Yesterday at 09:21 am
Quote from: ericm on Jul 16, 2019, 10:10 pm
Quote from: RobRoy286 on Jul 16, 2019, 12:57 pmI'll be staying in Lakewood!

Lakewood is a good spot to stay. I've stayed there every time I've gone to RR. Plenty of places to get anything you need for your stay and isn't more than 10-15 minutes from the venue depending on where you're at in Lakewood or which route you take to get there.

I have no idea how I managed this, but I got a cheap Airbnb in Lakewood that sleeps 6 and is "perfect for parties after Red Rocks." Seems like it'll be awesome. They must have listed it late, because seemingly everything within a 30 mile radius of RR was booked that weekend.
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