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Other Music / Re: TOOL
Last post by Mr. White - Yesterday at 08:57 pm
I've been listening to it a lot too. I really like Fear Inoculum, but I can't rank it. I never really rank albums from bands I truly love and respect (that's why I don't partake in ranking MMJ albums threads at all). I only have one complaint about the new album. I wish Maynard would have screamed or howled or yelled a little from time to time. There are a few moments where the songs are building, and a small amount of screaming or loud singing would have served the songs right. I've worn my 10,000 Days TOOL shirts from 2006, that I bought extras of (so they're like new), to a couple of recent concerts I've been to since Fear Inoculum's release. When I hung out a bit after the Strand Of Oaks show at Zanzabar in Louisville last Wednesday, I had on one, and Tim Showalter mentioned it right away. He said he had just listened to the new album 4 times earlier that day. I told him I'd listened to it more than 30 times since it had been released (about 13 days, so that was probably a low estimate). He said he was really digging "Descending" a lot. After having seen them live for the first time just over 4 months ago, I can't believe I never made the effort to see them before. I've loved TOOL since my brother and his friends turned me on to them right after Aenima came out in 1996. Even though I said I don't rank their albums, I think 10,000 Days hits me hardest and has probably been listened to by me the most. I'm now rotating my listening between all their albums and EPs. Can't wait to see them live again in Indianapolis in early November!
Other Music / Re: TOOL
Last post by ChiefOKONO - Yesterday at 05:47 pm
After listening to it a bunch of times on good headphones, I think it's a pretty amazing album and I love it.  There is so much to process here and I am glad I got the FLAC Hi-Res version because it sounds even better!!

The songs are so long it's like a symphony with different movements.  My favorites are Pneuma, Descending, Invincible, Chocolate Chip Trip, and 7empest.
The Band / Re: !
Last post by Jackets N Pones - Yesterday at 05:40 pm
 :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
The Music / Re: Songs to introduce someone...
Last post by Jackets N Pones - Yesterday at 05:39 pm
Other Music / Re: Shows that are coming up
Last post by Mr. White - Yesterday at 05:34 pm
Upcoming Shows:

09/21/2019 - Julia Purcell (of Maiden Radio) & Jodie Koch - House Show - Louisville

10/12/2019 - Daniel Martin Moore - Raven House - Lexington, Kentucky

10/18/2019 - Daniel Martin Moore - WFPK Live Lunch - Louisville

10/19/2019 - Daniel Martin Moore - ODEON - Louisville

11/02/2019 - TOOL - Bankers Life Fieldhouse - Indianapolis

12/13/2019 - Joan Shelley - Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts - Louisville
Other Music / R.I.P. Rick Ocasek
Last post by rkwedge - Yesterday at 10:44 am
Yet another Rocker gone. R.I.P Ric Ocasek!
Other Music / Re: TOOL
Last post by APR - Yesterday at 09:53 am
I like the new album a lot.  Pneuma is incredible and on repeated listens keeps blowing my mind.
Other Music / Re: Shows that are coming up
Last post by jttouch2 - Sep 15, 2019, 12:30 am
9/21-22-Pilgrimage Fest (Franklin, TN)
10/1-The Black Keys (Bridgestone Arena,Nashville)
10/3-Gov't Mule (The Caverns, Pelham TN)
10/6-Dawes (The Caverns, Pelham TN)
10/20-Wilco (The Grand Ole Opry)
11/7-Hiss Golden Messenger (The Basement, Nashville)
11/15-Warren Haynes & Friends present The Last Waltz (Tower Theatre, Philadelphia)
1/14/20-Brandi Carlile (Ryman Auditorium)
The Band / Re: !
Last post by 7thsun - Sep 14, 2019, 05:00 pm
Quote from: RMarcil34 on Sep 12, 2019, 10:27 pmI recently found out about them and I'm stoked that there's a forum.

Oh nice! Did you make any shows this year?
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