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The Music / Re: Jim James Solo Songs Ranke...
Last post by Lucius - Today at 08:11 am
I'll do a top 10 in reverse order!

10. A New Life - Was never a huge fan of this song but the ending makes me very happy. I'm not a huge fan of the album it came from but this and State of The Art are gems.

09. All In Your Head - Wasn't a fan of this at first either - Uniform Distortion took a while to really grow on me but I love it now and can easily listen to it start to finish. I'm really not a fan of Clarity though. Acoustic music just isn't my bag 90% of the time & UC is just too stripped back and dry sounding for me. Soaked in reverb it might have been better. "Nudes" by Lucius is a shining example of how to execute an acoustic album.

08. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - Could be a Jim original, really beautifully done and he makes it his own! (I didn't know the song and never would have guessed in a million years that it was a Beach Boys song!)

07. State Of The Art - A beautiful, atmospheric jam. Love the piano, love the way it builds up. Would potentially be my favourite if the ending had more of an OOMPH about it, you know? 

06. Throwback - it's Throwback, what reason do I really need? lol

05. The World's Smiling Now - I love Eternally Even, it might be my favourite Jim solo album. This slow, sexy jam is almost too sexy.

04. No Secrets - I actually don't even think this song is 'technically' that good and goes a bit limp at the end, could do with building up to more of a crescendo BUT something about it just hits me in all the right places. I think it's beautiful, beautiful song even as it is. I'd like to hear this one done live by MMJ, I can imagine them jamming away at the end, giving it the ending it deserves!

03. Down On The Bottom - hearing this live in London in 2015 was an absolutely mesmerising experience. I wasn't as 'into' the band as I am now so wasn't that aware about solo/side projects and didn't know about this but I absolutely loved it. Nothing To It is also great but - DOTB just hits the spot for me.

02. In The Moment - Pure sex. Jim isn't even necessarily 'my type' but this song makes me want him. Even if we just spooned, I would be in heaven. I bet he's a great big spoon!

01. Here In Spirit (Order of Nature Version) - I loved the original version of this song but the OON version (Boy is that fun to say out loud!) is just beautiful. The only thing I miss from the original version is the electronic undertones during the middle 8, what a beautiful synth noise that is. Maybe the two versions can share the top spot.

I'd also like to give honourable mentions to:
. Same Old Lie - not for the song itself but for THAT incredible ending which totally redeems it.
. Walking In The Snow - Beautiful
. Just A Fool - See Throwback
. No Use Waiting - Great "Sex Rock" sound
. & finally the transition between Set It To Song and Same Old Lie on The Order of Nature - just, wow. Would love to experience that live.
The Shows / Re: On This Day
Last post by CC - Today at 12:53 am

MMJ played at 013 (Kleine Zaal) in Tilburg, The Netherlands
w/ Gitbox!

MMJ opened for Pearl Jam at Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ

Jim played solo at Tipitina's in New Orleans , LA
Hurricane Katrina Benefit w/ Indigo Girls & others

The Shows / Re: On This Day
Last post by CC - Today at 12:51 am
Quote from: millerjustin on Yesterday at 07:15 pm
Quote from: CC on May 25, 2020, 05:10 pm
Quote from: Osistheones on May 25, 2020, 03:15 pmWas the barefoot thing influenced by Ronnie Van Zant?

not to my knowledge, think it just felt good

almost as nice as fuzzy boots (circa 2011)

fuzzy boots are definitely safer

I believe bonnaroo 2004 was the last barefoot show

Other Music / Re: Israel Nash Gripka
Last post by rincon2 - Yesterday at 08:09 pm
I have not seen this thread since I started it 5 years ago.I have since seen Israel Nash and met him after the show. Nice guy. Here is Rain Plans from Zanzabar in Louisville, 2018.
The Shows / Re: On This Day
Last post by millerjustin - Yesterday at 07:15 pm
Quote from: CC on May 25, 2020, 05:10 pm
Quote from: Osistheones on May 25, 2020, 03:15 pmWas the barefoot thing influenced by Ronnie Van Zant?

not to my knowledge, think it just felt good

almost as nice as fuzzy boots (circa 2011)
The Shows / Re: On This Day
Last post by Hoptimus Prime - Yesterday at 11:59 am
2003 Sasquatch, my introduction to Jacket.  Distinctly remember being in a state of shock.
Off-Topic Ramblings / Re: The Official Happy Birthda...
Last post by rkwedge - Yesterday at 09:14 am
Happy Birthday unravelled.   :beer:
The Music / Re: Jim James Solo Songs Ranke...
Last post by unravelled - Yesterday at 01:57 am
Quote from: HardNightConformist on May 22, 2020, 11:15 pmBored in the house and I'm in the house bored.

As a result, I've decided to spend my newfound free-time ranking Jim James' solo songs from his albums. NOTE: I have left out Tribute To (all George Harrison covers) and have left out Uniform Clarity (didn't want doubles of the same songs).

Here goes nothing. If anyone has time and wants to put their own list together then sick!

49. Same Old Lie (Eternally Even) - nothing too redeeming about this one to me. Political and not too groovy.

48. Same Old Lie (The Order of Nature) - see above. Orchestra gives it a slight improvement.

47. I Just Wasn't Meant For These Times (Tribute To 2) - for some reason, never got into this Beach Boys cover.

46. Better Late Than Never (Uniform Distortion) - Meh.

45. Blue Skies (Tribute To 2) - it's fine, but short and never in a particular mood to throw it on.

44. Here in Spirit (The Order of Nature) - not sure why, but the transition to the orchestra felt a little underwhelming and empty to me. Not bad, but not close to the EE version.

43. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Tribute To 2) - it's alright, but again never quite in the mood to play it.

42.We Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt 2 (Eternally Even) - just a little too flat for me, but the bass-line is pretty nice

41. No Use Waiting (Uniform Distortion) - fairly cookie cutter and actually prefer the UC version.

40. Just A Fool (Uniform Distortion) - understand why it was the single due to the catchy guitar riff, but was not close to the best on the album.

39. Lucky Man (Tribute To 2) - sweet song, listen to it from time to time, just falls lower compared to many better tracks.

38. Dear One (ROLASOG) - I love this album, and still enjoy this song, though it doesn't pack many memorable moments to keep you coming back.

37. Out of Time (Uniform Distortion) - Playful song, but nothing too complex going on here.

36. Over and Over (Uniform Distortion) - Decent song, that comes in a much better rendition on Order of Nature.

35. All is Forgiven (ROLASOG) - Pretty awesome tune. At this stage I'm more or less a big fan of every song from here.

34. You Get to Rome (Uniform Distortion) - Noticing a trend of UD songs falling low on this list. But this is one of the better ones.

33. Crying in the Chapel (Tribute To 2) - Beautiful song & always nice hearing the version of Jim that's a little softer in his delivery.

32. Hide in Plain Sight (Eternally Even) - Have a sneaky feeling I'll be upset this one is so low when I revisit this list later.

31. Love is the Sweetest Thing (Tribute To 2) - love his goofy/ghostly wavering voice on the backhalf of the song.

30. Over and Over (The Order of Nature) - Massive improvement from the original. Has some real Disney score vibes to it.

29. True Nature (Eternally Even) - Maybe the funkiest that Jim has ever been. Dig the variety he brings here.

28. We Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt 1 (Eternally Even) - Just a little too jarring for me at times, but still a good and different sounding tune.

27. In Demand (The Order of Nature) - Builds up nicely behind Jim's passionate vocals. Timely song if even a little cheesy.

26. God's Love to Deliver (ROLASOG) - One of the best "close your eyes and listen" tunes he has.

25. Back to the End of the World (The Order of Nature) - Like Jim's deeper vocals here. Fun song to sing along to.

24. In The Moment (Eternally Even) - Now we've reached the (ugh, do I have to put it this low?) part of the list. I do like this song - in the same vein as True Nature of being one of his funkier tunes.

23. Midnight, the Stars and You (Tribute To 2) - Feels like I'm playing it on a record with a big old horn for the sound to come out of it. Love what he does with his vocals at the end.

22. The Human Touch (The Order of Nature) - great song lyrically. Short and sweet.

21. Exploding (ROLASOG) - too short to be any higher, but what a gorgeous little nugget this is.

20. Too Good to be True (Uniform Distortion) - hearing him slow it down to this level on an otherwise fast-paced album is just what the doctor ordered.

19. Eternally Even (Eternally Even) - a good song to put you to sleep but be good enough to want you to wait out the full 5 minutes first.

18. Funny How Time Slips Away (Tribute To 2) - love this lyrically and his delivery is on point.

17. Throwback (Uniform Distortion) - love this song! but part of me wishes is what mixed differently with Jim's vocals more clear and prominent.

16. Yes to Everything (Uniform Distortion) - fuck yeah to that guitar solo.

15. Who Am I (The Order of Nature) - the first time I listened I was like "what the hell was that", now I'm like "that the hell, is what it is"

14. Actress (ROLASOG) - my favourite from the album when it first came out. Love the violin and think it carries the track awesomely through the end.

13. The World is Falling Down (Tribute To 2) - I've heard some say they don't like his vocals here. I do, the vulnerability in his voice matches the song perfectly.

12. Know Til Now (ROLASOG) - I like to picture this as the elevator song that would be playing up to heaven. Atmospheric and groovy.

11. Here in Spirit (Eternally Even) - one of his more radio-friendly songs. Great tune.

10. The World's Smiling Now (Eternally Even) - Love this song, and great use of a sample of an older song that I'm blanking on.

9. Baby Don't Go (Tribute to 2) - Song can make a grown man cry. So good.

8. No Secrets (Uniform Distortion) - likely a number 1 on a lot of peoples' list, this Fleetood-esque song is one of his best.

7. A New Life (ROLASOG) - contagious to sing along to. Such a simple but effective song.

6. All in Your Head (Uniform Distortion) - this song didn't click for me until I heard the Uniform Clarity version. Since then, it's elevated it to another level for me.

5. State of the Art (AEIOU) (ROLASOG) - Self-explanatory positioning here I think. One of, if not, his biggest solo hits.

4. Of the Mother Again (ROLASOG) - While hard to pick a favourite from this album, I feel more than okay with as this choice. So much to like in this song with lots of different components you can focus on at any given time.

3. Walking in the Snow (The Order of Nature) - some of my favourite vocal work from him. And the orchestra takes this song to a magical level.

2. Set it to Song (The Order of Nature) - maybe it's quarantine, I don't know, but this song has been hitting me on a different level over the past few months. Wasn't an immediate standout for me when it came out but over time, the more I struggle to find any flaws with it. Patient, mature, and powerful.

1. Wild Honey (Tribute to 2) - It may annoy some people that a cover and not an original song is at number one. But damn, I love what he does with this song. The range in his vocals and the level of emotion the song brings all around. This is the best Jim James song for me.


I can't believe I just did that.

Great job!  Any chance you made this into a Spotify playlist?

With all that work you really should go ahead, bite the bullet, and add tribute to, and Jim's songs from MoF. 😄😄😄
The Shows / Re: On This Day
Last post by CC - Yesterday at 01:03 am

MMJ played at AB Club in Brussels, Belgium
w/ Star Club West

MMJ played at Dante's in Portland, OR

MMJ played at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY
w/ M. Ward

MMJ played at Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn in Indianapolis, IN
w/ The Barr Brothers

5/26/2001 AB Club (photos by Martin & Alison)
Show Posters / Re: ISO Bonnaroo 2011 Fung
Last post by gkitt80 - May 25, 2020, 08:42 pm
Quote from: tpitch14 on Apr 29, 2020, 11:19 am
Quote from: gkitt80 on Aug 11, 2019, 03:27 pmBeen looking for a while. Anyone have a 2011 Bonnaroo Fung poster they can part with? Offering $200 $250 cash only offer. Please note my trade bait below as well. Thanks!

expressobeans page

I have the following to offer as trade bait:

- Forest Hills 2019 band signed VIP poster
- Mann Center Philadelphia 2011 poster
- Orpheum Theatre Vancouver, BC 2011 poster
- Various other non-MMJ concert posters (inquire if interested)
- Cold hard cash $$$$
As mentioned in FB group- chalk me up for that '11 Mann if/when you're ready! One of two on my list... the other is this Bonnaroo peacock :)

Will do brother.

Still in search of this. Offering $300. Anyone? Would love to get this for an anniversary gift for the wife. Please help!
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